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I am the Oyster Boy...

Starting as a trader at Columbia Road Flower Market 5 years ago, Oyster Boy Events had one simple goal... to sell the best bloody oysters London had to offer.

You know what? Everyone loved them, so we expanded by opening stalls in Broadway Market and Leyton Food Market.

In 2014, we took a step up into the world of high end restaurant service with a residency at Chiltern Firehouse in Marylebone, where the Oyster Boy serves an ever changing platter of oysters from around the world. 

Our newest project, the Hangover Hospital, is a mobile oyster and cocktail bar, operating out of a beautifully restored 1951 Daimler ambulance. Bringing the best British bivalves and spiciest Bloody Marys to those who need them most.


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Colombia Road Market
Broadway Market
Leyton Food Market
Chiltern Firehouse - Residency
Where ever you need me...

Any time. Any place. Any where. 


We get about town... We shuck till we drop... We bring the UK's freshest oysters to you... 

The hangover hospital

A beautifully restored 1951 Daimler ambulance, The Hangover Hospital is a mobile cocktail and oyster bar that will get any party started, and get you back on your feet the next day...

Where you find us

Street food is in our blood. Starting at Columbia Road, we can now also be found every weekend at Broadway Market and Deptford Bites. Find the stalls and meet the shuckers...

The shucker for hire

We love meeting people and creating experiences. If you want to learn about oysters or add a touch of decadence to your private event, look no further than your very own Oyster Boy...

some of our snaps


We cater for events of all sizes. If you want to see the Oyster Boy Events in action come join us at one of our up coming projects...


Oyster boys Oyster Workshops

Whether you are an oyster novice or connoisseur, join us for an exciting evening learning and enjoying one of mans eldest delicacies.

Tickets can be found at oyster.boy.events@gmail.com for £40 which includes your oysters for the evening, wine pairing samples and a cocktail.

Blue point toasted lager promotional tour

Up and down the UK, Oyster Boy Events will be serving up the freshest, finest, British oysters as the perfect accompaniment to BLUE POINT TOASTED LAGER, the perfect companion for a plate of delicious bivalves.

With 5 malts, this complex and sweet lager counters the saltiness of the oyster in a way that needs to be tasted to be believed.

Contact the oyster boy 

While I'm always about town... You can drop me a message or give me a call if you need to pin me down. 

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